Quality PD all year round. Less than the cost of a casual for a single day*.


Jam packed PD with even more capabilities next year

125+ hours of PD covering literacy, pedagogy, cognitive science and the morning routine.

Full Demonstration Lessons. Educational Knowledge Base. Live Q&As for Teachers. Even more to come in ’21.


NEW! Learning Targets

Set a learning pathway for your school, or as an individual, with our new learning targets capability. Due for release in Term 1 2021.


NEW! EduKB™: An educational knowledge base for teachers

Your teachers will be able to access a knowledge base of answers to common (and less so!) educational questions. Due for release in Term 1 2021.


Save today, pay tomorrow.

Lock in our special pricing today, even if you want to be invoiced later. We will take care of any remaining details (such as staff names and email addresses) with you at a later date, that is convenient to you. As an EDConnect vendor we can also send your invoice directly to EDConnect for you (for NSW schools).

As our training can be taken at any time, you can immediately save on casual teacher costs* related to PD, while providing more professional development opportunities to your staff. As such our All Access Pass PLUS at its retail price of $485 inc GST per person, represents tremendous value. Our End of Year special pricing is even better!

1 – 4 Teachers: $365.75 inc GST per person (save $119.25 per person)

5 – 10 Teachers: $346.50 inc GST per person (save $138.50 per person)

11 – 20 Teachers: $329.20 inc GST per person (save $155.80 per person)

21 – 30 Teachers: $312.75 inc GST per person (save $172.25 per person)

31+ Teachers: $297.15 inc GST per person (save $187.85 per person)

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This special pricing is available to schools until 21 December 2020, and comes with a full money back guarantee^. Let us know in the comments field if you have any special requests (including things like ‘please invoice me by 30 November 2020’).

We will send you an invoice based on the above pricing.

Order today for 2021 and lock in the savings!

Once we receive and process your order, we will be in touch. Access can start at a time of your choosing, be it right now, ready for the holidays, or to begin in first term 2021 – it’s up to you!

    çBased on proficient level casual teacher minimum costs of $409.29 per day at 1 January 2017 and the need to hire a casual for your teachers to engage in a full day PD session typically. See: https://www.teach.nsw.edu.au/exploreteaching/salary-of-a-teacher

    ^See our terms and conditions for details of our money back guarantee