Information about the recent NESA changes to PD

Latest update: September 2021

On 30 November 2020, NESA Registered PD providers were contacted and made aware that NESA was making changes to PD requirements for teachers, and removing NESA Registered PD all together (but replacing it at some point in the future, with ‘Accredited PD’.

Approximately eight months later, on 28 July 2021, the new policy requirements and application process for courses were both released by NESA, so PD providers like Training 24/7 can start to work on addressing the new policy requirements for each course, and from there, apply for course accreditation of each course one at a time.

Please note, we have not been allowed to add ‘Registered PD’ hours for teachers any time after midnight on 5 February 2021. Further details below.

Summary of changes and how they effect you (and us!)

At this time, we are in a transition period. NESA Registered PD no longer exists, however, teachers will still be able to log 100 maintenance hours utilising Training 24/7 PD, as the 50 hour registered/accredited PD requirement has been removed during the transition period (or more specifically, until next maintenance period, which for most teachers, is in 2022).

Here’s a few more details of where things stand at time of writing:

  • Delivery of NESA Registered PD ceased on 30 November 2020
  • NESA is currently working through a ‘transition period’ and have recently finalised the new ‘Accredited PD’ (including finalising how providers can apply to have courses accredited and what changes they need to make to existing courses)
  • Courses previously ‘Registered’ can still be run by providers, and can still contribute to teacher maintenance hours, but are no longer classed as “NESA Registered PD”
  • During the transition period the ’50 hour requirement’ for teachers to obtain NESA Registered and/or Accredited PD, has been removed
  • Providers could log maintenance hours on behalf of teachers, up until midnight on 5 February 2021, but from that point onwards, and until further notice, NSW teachers will need to add all PD completed with us ‘Elective PD’ on NESA’s eTAMS site
  • At time of writing this article initially, the process to apply for full accreditation of courses (for PD providers), had not been released. This has recently changed.

We have confirmed with NESA, that the 50 hour requirement only comes into effect from your next maintenance period, and teachers can utilise Elective PD to complete their full 100 hours of maintenance, under the criteria they mention for PD, in our case, PD that is aligned to the Curriculum Priority. For most teachers, the next maintenance period is in 2022.

As such:

Recent Updates: Accredited PD Policies and Process to Apply Released, and what you can do in the ‘interim period’

Last updated in September 2021

Logging your PD hours for maintenance

For the moment, you will need to manually log your hours with NESA for PD you complete with us as ‘Elective PD’. Please note the above details around your maintenance and the ’50 hour requirement’ not being in place at this time. You can get your full 100 hours of maintenance this way.

To simplify this process of logging your hours, we released a ‘Completion Report’ capability, with a link to this under ‘My Courses‘. This provides you a report on what PD modules you have marked completed, when. It also includes the APST standards, and expected course completion time to help you enter data. All courses should fit the priority area: ‘delivery and assessment of NSW Curriculum’.

Accredited PD Update

NESA released the accredited PD policies for accredited training on 28 July 2021, and the process on how to apply for accreditation. Please note that no PD provider could apply for fully accredited PD prior to this time, as the policies and application process was not available to us.

In summary, accreditation is different to registered PD in a number of ways:

  • From NESA’s website (
  • The new NESA policies for PD have many new requirements as compared to ‘registered PD’, including:
    • Specific duration requirements (all courses will need to be > 1 hour, and MUST be in 30 minute increments, ie. 1 hour, 1 hour 30 mins, 2 hours, 2 hours 30 mins, etc.)
    • Engagement requirements (such as opportunities to test knowledge, engage with other teachers, etc.)
    • Technical requirements (controls for training cannot allow skip aheads, for example, which will impact the ability to rewind as well)
    • Accreditation is only for specific standards, which are associated with ‘aspects’
    • Every single course requires an individual application and approval. The application process is lengthy in our experience so far (see application form A for initial application for an accredited, and form B for subsequent courses). These applications require much detail around the timings, research base behind each section, and so on. It took us many weeks to apply for our first course due to the amount of information required. Realistically, it is going to take us quite a bit of time to adjust and apply for every additional course from here.
    • As a provider, you must have approval for your first accredited course, before you are allowed to apply for others.

What this means for Training 24/7, as a PD provider, and you as a teacher:

  • This ultimately means all of our self paced courses will need duration, engagement, and technical modifications to address the new policies released before we will be able to apply for accreditation of our courses
  • Our first application took many weeks to complete. Accreditation was granted in September 2021 for our first course, our face to face/live virtual class Synthetic Phonics Training).
  • Given the significant detail required by the application process, even once we update courses and release replacement courses that meet all the new NESA policies, we will then need to apply for each course individually. It is likely this is going to be handled gradually and over time, as the application process in our experience is a lengthy one.
  • What this ultimately translates to is that we aim to work on things one course at a time, and each course/module application is going to take some time. Quite a lot of time, we expect. We apologise that it is expected to take quite some time, but we are a very small team, and we have a lot of courses to work through – both in terms of changes to each one, but also working on each individual application itself.
  • All of the new work required, is expected to take many, many months for us to work through. It could take us a year to complete all applications for all courses, and we have no guarantee that each course will be accredited, just because it is applied for. We are going to do our best, but want to be up front about the fact that it’s going to take a while.
  • Please log your hours as ‘Elective PD’ in the meantime, using our Completion Reports capability.

Further details obtained from the NESA website:

Logging maintenance hours with NESA

As of midnight 5 February 2021, Training 24/7 will no longer be adding hours on behalf of teachers due to changes made by NESA in late 2020, and these hours will need to be added as ‘Elective PD’.

You can use this spreadsheet to log your hours manually in the transition period using ‘Interim Elective PD’ (which counts toward your maintenance prior to the next maintenance period mentioned earlier). Please note, you must be logged in to download this PDF: 2021-April-Complete-Module-List-Printable.pdf 

From the NESA website:

What about courses that are already scheduled?

You can continue to deliver planned sessions of previously Registered PD until Friday 5 February 2021.

You must upload teacher participation data to eTAMS by midnight Friday 5 February.

Any previously Registered PD courses completed and logged by 5 February 2021 will be transferred towards teachers’ new Accredited PD requirements, regardless of when their maintenance of accreditation is due.

Further information about this is NESA:


Interim PD criteria

From NESA’s website (at time of writing):

Interim Elective PD criteria

Elective PD must meet the Standards at the applicable accreditation level and be selected from the list of approved Elective PD activities.

Elective PD that you record for your maintenance of accreditation requirements must address a minimum 3 of the following criteria:

    • enhance teaching practice to effect positive change and impact on student/child learning progress and achievement
    • link to clear and relevant goals that are related to improving student/child outcomes
    • be job-embedded and provide opportunities for collaboration, transference and application
    • involve opportunities to give and receive feedback and/or undertake self-reflection and reflection on the teaching practice of others
    • be research based and evidence based.

We believe that all of our PD courses, with the exceptions of our ‘Get Reading Right’ how to videos (for products like toolkits, takeaways), meet key criteria from this list. In particular, in every course, we aim to enhance teaching practice, and every course (that was previously NESA Registered PD) has clear goals that are ultimately related to improving student outcomes, and our courses are research and/or evidence based. A number of courses will also meet additional criteria, including self reflection, and observation of the teaching practice of others (such as our full demonstration lessons).


Interim accreditation of PD courses

You may be aware that an interim accreditation process for PD providers has been released by NESA. We are aware that some of our courses can be interim accredited at this time under the current processes, others cannot, and some are unclear.

To avoid confusion with the potential for ‘some courses interim accredited, some courses elective PD’, the interim accreditation path is not being pursued further by Training 24/7 at this time. We would prefer to avoid headaches and confusion for our participants, and for the time being, we suggest all PD hours logged with us that meet the criteria for the Curriculum priority, is logged as ‘Elective PD’. Per the above, during the interim period as NESA work to finalise the ‘Accredited PD’ criteria and application process, ‘Elective PD’ can be used for all 100 hours for the current maintenance period.

If you have any questions at all about this, please contact us and we’d be pleased to help!