Information about the recent NESA changes to PD

Latest update: January 2021

On 30 November 2020, NESA Registered PD providers were contacted and made aware that NESA was making changes to PD requirements for teachers, and removing NESA Registered PD all together (but replacing it at some point in the future, with ‘Accredited PD’.

Approximately eight months later, on 28 July 2021, the new policy requirements and application process for courses were both released by NESA, so PD providers like Training 24/7 can start to work on addressing the new policy requirements for each course, and from there, apply for course accreditation of each course one at a time.

Please note, we have not been allowed to add ‘Registered PD’ hours for teachers any time after midnight on 5 February 2021. Further details below.

Summary of changes and how they effect you (and us!)

At this time, we are in a transition period. NESA Registered PD no longer exists, however, teachers will still be able to log 100 maintenance hours utilising Training 24/7 PD, as the 50 hour registered/accredited PD requirement has been removed during the transition period (or more specifically, until next maintenance period, which for most teachers, is in 2022).

Here’s a few more details of where things stand at time of writing:

  • Delivery of NESA Registered PD ceased on 30 November 2020
  • NESA is currently working through a ‘transition period’ and have recently finalised the new ‘Accredited PD’ (including finalising how providers can apply to have courses accredited and what changes they need to make to existing courses)
  • Courses previously ‘Registered’ can still be run by providers, and can still contribute to teacher maintenance hours, but are no longer classed as “NESA Registered PD”
  • During the transition period the ’50 hour requirement’ for teachers to obtain NESA Registered and/or Accredited PD, has been removed
  • Providers could log maintenance hours on behalf of teachers, up until midnight on 5 February 2021, but from that point onwards, and until further notice, NSW teachers will need to add all PD completed with us ‘Elective PD’ on NESA’s eTAMS site
  • At time of writing this article initially, the process to apply for full accreditation of courses (for PD providers), had not been released. This has recently changed.

We have confirmed with NESA, that the 50 hour requirement only comes into effect from your next maintenance period, after this change was made, and teachers can utilise Elective PD to complete their full 100 hours of maintenance, under the criteria they mention for PD, in our case, PD that is aligned to the Curriculum Priority. For most teachers, the next maintenance period will occur in 2022.

As such:

Recent Updates: Accredited PD Policies and Process to Apply Released, and what you can do in the ‘interim period’

Last updated in January 2022

Logging your PD hours for maintenance

For the moment, you will need to manually log your hours with NESA for PD you complete with us as ‘Elective PD’. Please note the above details around your maintenance and the ’50 hour requirement’ not being in place at this time. You can get your full 100 hours of maintenance this way.

To simplify this process of logging your hours, we released a ‘Completion Report’ capability, with a link to this under ‘My Courses‘. This provides you a report on what PD modules you have marked completed, when. It also includes the APST standards, and expected course completion time to help you enter data. All courses should fit the priority area: ‘delivery and assessment of NSW Curriculum’.

Accredited PD Update

Due to the changes NESA made on 30 November 2020, PD providers were not allowed to log Registered PD after 5 February 2021, as NESA made a decision to terminate all registered PD, from all providers.

Subsequently, a process to accredit individual courses was made available to us on 28 July 2021, so we as providers could start applying for courses again. However, it wasn’t as simple as just reapplying for existing courses, due to new policies introduced on the same day.

As a provider, every course needs to meet this new policy set, and you could not apply for other courses until both:

  1. A single course had been approved
  2. Any course you did want to apply for, met the new policies (which requires length adjustments, technical changes for online training, and introduction of additional content to ensure collaboration is part of the course).

At this stage, we have gotten a single course approved (our live Synthetic Phonics training day), and this was approved in September 2021. For all of our self paced online courses, we are currently working on updating and/or replacing content with a version that meets NESA’s new policies before applying. In many cases, the course will be re-recorded in a new and updated format, with new and updated information. This will take some time, as will technical changes required by NESA.

As these updated or new courses are released, if they are NESA Accredited under the new policy, we will display this on the “My Courses” page to help you identify what courses we will be able to log hours for, for you.

For all other courses you wish to use as Elective PD, you can use our ‘Completion Report’ capability under ‘My Courses‘.

If you have any questions at all about this, please contact us and we’d be pleased to help!