Educational Articles from the Training 24/7 team

  • Get Reading Right and the NSW K-2 Syllabus New Scope and Sequence - Get Reading Right Updated Scope and Sequence for the new NSW K-2 English Syllabus By Justin Caban 7 Nov 2022 Since the early drafts of the NSW English K-2 syllabus, we have been bombarded by NSW teachers and leaders with… (more)
  • What Makes a Book Decodable? - What Makes a Book Decodable? By Jo-Anne Dooner 15 Nov 2021 I can really read this one! Phonics works! Decodable books work. Indulge me while I recount a story that has stuck with me for years. I was walking through… (more)
  • Five things teachers need to know about fluency - By Kelly Malone 15 Oct 2021 I wanted to share one of the biggest success stories I witnessed in my role as an Instructional Leader. I had been working closely with a FABULOUS year 2 teacher, who was returning to… (more)
  • Decodable Texts from various publishers: What to use, when? - By Jo-Anne Dooner 15 October 2021 If you are in a NSW school, you may have recently received decodable stories from other publishers. We have always encouraged the use of decodable texts from many publishers, however we are now getting… (more)