Our Trademarks and Intellectual Property

Training 24/7 has developed a number of ways to improve teaching, including inventing new and improved frameworks, technologies and methodologies that have been adopted by teachers and schools across Australia and internationally.


Using our Trademarked Terms and/or Intellectual Property including Copyrighted Materials

Years of teaching experience and effort go into creating, testing and refining the inventions, frameworks, technologies and/or methodologies Training 24/7 has developed. These works are generally copyrighted and related terms are often trademarks owned by Training 24/7.

We do encourage you to share your success with others and generally don’t mind you using our trademarked terms if you are a teacher implementing our work in your classroom practice.

However, if you wish to refer to or share information about one of our inventions, frameworks, technologies and/or methodologies (for example, as part of a public presentation on how you have utilised our works in your context), we respectfully ask that you credit our work, and to help you do so we provide the below list of key works developed by Training 24/7 and suggested credit text.

Using our Works to Develop and/or Deliver Training or Other Works

Please be aware of s.22 of our terms and conditions which generally does not permit using our works to develop other works without explicit written permission to do so.

As such, if you wish to develop and/or deliver training to teachers or other audiences that is based on our works, please contact us to discuss.


Crediting our Work

A simple way to credit our works:

The Morning Routine is a trademark of Training 24/7 Pty Ltd


Blanks and Blocks® was developed by, and is a registered trademark of, Training 24/7 Pty Ltd


<Copyrighted materials, invention, etc.> was developed by Training 24/7 Pty Ltd and permission was granted to share this work as part of this presentation.

Please do seek permission in writing before reproducing our copyrighted works.


Trademarked Terms

The Morning Routine™ is a framework we have developed to improve student outcomes across a wide range of subjects. The Morning Routine™ front-loads knowledge, repeatedly, and in a structured and consistent way throughout the year, developed by Jo-Anne Dooner and Justin Caban.

Blanks and Blocks®, Blocks and Blanks® and Block Planner® are trademarked terms related to the writing methodology invented and developed by Jo-Anne Dooner to improve student writing.

EduKB® is Training 24/7’s Educational knowledge base, a repository of teaching questions answered by our experts.

TeacherView®, ClassView®, ClassView360®, StudentView®, ChildView® are registered trademarks related to specific camera viewpoints taken as part of some of our recorded demonstration lessons.


Trademarked Logos

The ‘ball logo’ and the complete Training 24/7 logos shown below are also registered trademarks of Training 24/7.



Further Information

If you wish to utilise any of our copyrighted works, or have any questions at all about use of our Intellectual Property, please contact our friendly team!