PL Leader Mode: Exclusive to All Access Pass PLUS

Our new PL Leadership Mode allows you to run whole-group Professional Learning (PL) sessions, on a single screen while keeping everybody’s PL record up to date without them needing to ‘follow along’ on another computer or device.


How does it work?

As the PL leader for the day, go to the computer you will use (connected to a projector or big screen for example), and go to start any course under ‘My Courses’.



Step (1) Once in the course, click ‘Lead this PL for a group‘:




Step (2) A screen like this one will appear, with a QR code and Join Code for participants in the room (or joining online):





PARTICIPANTS scan the code with their phone and simply login with their credentials, and they have joined the session (nothing more to do).

If as a participant you cannot scan the QR code, you can also join a session from ‘My Courses’ as a participant, by clicking the ‘Join Group PL Session‘ toward the top of the ‘My Courses’ page:




Step (3) PL LEADER: Once everyone has joined the session, they need not do anything else. Progress in the course will now be applied to both the leader of the session, and all participants automatically.

Simply click “Return to the course page to get started.” link, and begin the course as the session leader!





Step (4) PL LEADER: Start working through the course as normal:






As the PL LEADER progresses through the course, the same progress will automatically be made for participants if they check the same course:






Step (5) If you are not going to complete the PL in this session right to the end, simply click ‘End session‘ (above the video) when you wish to stop the session for today:





Step (6) PARTICIPANTS: If you need to leave a session while everyone else continues, you can go back to the session (on your phone, laptop or other device) and click ‘Leave this session’ and your individual progress tracking the group, will be stopped:




Questions and Answers

What if I have partially or fully completed a course (PL Leader):

The system will temporarily mark each section (as you move to it) as incomplete. This allows the training to function as normal. Once you click ‘end session’ your previous completion will be fully restored.


What if I have partially or fully completed a course (PL Participant?):

The system will not attempt to update any already completed section, however if you have not completed a section that was just completed by the group, it will be automatically updated on your progress as well for that course.


Can we start as a group and complete individually?

Absolutely, in fact you can come together as a group whenever you like, and complete components individually whenever you like as well! See below question.

What if we continue on from mid-way through a course but not all participants are up to that section?

This is fine. What you watch as a group will be marked completed for all participants. Any gaps not completed will remain as gaps on the progress of an individual participant’s recorded progress. Such an individual can catch up on at a later date on what they missed, as all sections completed together, will be marked as such for all participants, even if they weren’t yet up to that section on their PL. They will need to complete the gaps themselves to complete the course and get their certificate.


What happens if I don’t end a session?

Ending a session can be important as a leader if you had previously completed a course, and did not complete it in this PL session, as ending the session will restore your previous progress.


Can I run or join multiple sessions at the same time?

No, if you start or join another session, others you are running will be terminated.


Any other questions?

Simply Contact Us and we’d be happy to help!