2022 All Access Pass PLUS with Premium Dem Lessons

125+ hours of PD covering literacy, pedagogy, cognitive science and the morning routine.

Full Demonstration Lessons. Educational Knowledge Base and Live Q&As for Teachers.

Our entire catalogue of self-paced training

Our 2021 “All Access Pass PLUS” will provide access to over 115 hours of our self-paced PD, and includes access to new training, as it becomes available.


Quality training, available on your schedule

Our training is accessible on your schedule. It can be taken anytime^, anywhere#, using a computer, laptop, tablet or phone.


MORE dems! 15+ additional Premium Demonstration Lessons in ’21

Real teachers teaching full lessons, with up to seven camera angles and lesson analysis. 15+ new demonstration lessons are planned for release in term 1 2021.


NEW! Learning Targets: Define your learning path as a school, or an individual

In 2021, schools and individuals will be able to map out a learning path to follow, depending on what areas of PD you wish to follow, in what order you prefer.


Track staff progress with Leadership Reporting

Our reporting capability for schools allows leadership to see overall trends and drill down to track progress right down to the individual level.


NEW! EduKB™: An educational knowledge base for teachers

In 2021, All Access Pass PLUS participants will have access to a new educational knowledge base, where they can get answers to common questions teachers may have.


Innovation: New capabilities in development & planned for release in ’21

We are innovators at heart. There’s even more coming your way that is already being developed and is planned for release in 2021. It’s an exciting year ahead!


Early access to new content and features with Priority Preview

Priority Preview provides you with access to new modules before they are officially on sale, on the Training 24/7 web site.

In 2021, Priority Preview will also provide you with access to new features, as they are developed (including potentially alpha, beta or trial features).


Educational Q&A sessions throughout the year

As part of our all access pass for self paced modules, you will also get an opportunity to ask educational questions in each term and hear directly from our trainers, as you implement new things in the classroom that you have learned from our training.


12 months of training, for about the cost of a casual teacher** for a single day


12 Month Access for just $485 per person (inc GST) before discounts that automatically applied for credit card/PayPal payment (10%) and bulk purchases (up to 10%).


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*Over 50 hours of training was made available from Term 1, 2019, 90 from Term 1 2020. Additional self paced training to be released in 2021 Term 1, and as the year continues.
^Occasionally our site may be unavailable for maintenance or due to other factors, which would make our online training unavailable at those times.
#Internet connection is required.
**Based on proficient level casual teacher minimum costs of $409.29 per day at 1 January 2017. See: https://www.teach.nsw.edu.au/exploreteaching/salary-of-a-teacher