The Morning Routine: Conquer the crowded curriculum – teach more in less time!



Learn to engage your students, maximise outcomes and bring
learning to life using the Morning Routine! Already used by hundreds of
teachers in Australian schools, this lesson structure can be implemented within
individual classrooms or right across the entire school.

In this course you will learn to:

construct sequenced lessons that develop  speaking and listening skills, sentence
structure, grammar and punctuation, vocabulary, number knowledge and academic
background knowledge in a 30 minute daily lesson.

improve student literacy skills  through a focus on academic background
knowledge and vocabulary in your classroom.

enhance lesson delivery through the use of
improved pedagogical practices including direct instruction, cooperative
learning and spaced vs mass practice.

use differentiation techniques to cater for the
variety of needs within your class

not harder!

This highly practical course will give you the structure,
ideas and motivation to immediately begin to implement the Morning Routine
within your classroom. Jump on board the phenomenon!