Sharing Best Practice 2023 (Marsden Rd Public School)

$25.00 inc GST

Featuring presentations from Manisha Gazula, Sarah Trestrail, Lyn Stone, Cody Breasley + Natalie Blanch, and Jo-Anne Dooner + Justin Caban! Also includes Panel discussion/Q&A with Manisha Gazula, Glenn Fahey, Nick Parkinson, Jennifer Buckingham.

All proceeds go to Liverpool Hospital School!

This purchase is for 30 day(s) access to this training.


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Watch or revisit Sharing Best Practice Sydney 2023, hosted at Marsden Rd Public School!

The available presentations and panel discussions are as follows:

Introduction – Troy Verey
Manisha Gazula – It’s Now or Never
Sarah Trestrail – Explicit Writing Instruction in K-2
Lyn Stone – The Vocabulary and Spelling App
Cody Breasley and Natalie Blanch – Blanks and Blocks: The Keys to Student Planning
Jo-Anne Dooner and Justin Caban – Teaching Writing using Blocks and Blanks®
Panel Discussion/Q&A (Manisha Gazula, Glenn Fahey, Nick Parkinson, Jennifer Buckingham)

Please show your generous support for Liverpool Hospital School, as all proceeds will go to them!