Phonics and Guided Reading Mega Bundle [14 modules, 180 day access]

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This purchase is for 180 day(s) access to this training.


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This larger phonics bundle provides 180 day access to a larger number of phonics modules, and includes the introductory modules as well:

Phonics 1: The Place of Phonics in Teaching Reading and Spelling
Phonics 2: Defining Synthetic Phonics
Phonics 3: Phonics Terminology
Phonics 4: Schwa
Phonics 5: Phonics Lesson Content
Phonics 6: Phonics Lesson Structure
Phonics 7: Explicit Instruction Techniques Part 1
Phonics 8: Explicit Instruction Techniques Part 2
Phonics 9: Explicit Instruction Techniques Part 3
Lesson Structure: Structuring a Quality Modelled Lesson
Phonics and Guided Reading: What are Decodable Texts?
Phonics and Guided Reading: Using Decodable Texts
Phonics and Guided Reading: Independent Phonics Activities
Phonics General: Pronounce the Phonemes