Comprehension Bundle [11 modules, 180 day access]

$181.50 inc GST

All new comprehension bundle for 2019!

This purchase is for 180 day(s) access to this training.


Who is this purchase for?


With this new comprehension bundle for 2020, you will get access to:

Two introductory comprehension modules:

  • Comprehension 1: Introduction to Comprehension
  • Comprehension 2: Research to Practice

Along with six “Comprehension Strategies” modules:

  • Comprehension Strategies 1: Synthesising
  • Comprehension Strategies 2: Asking Questions
  • Comprehension Strategies 3: Determining Importance
  • Comprehension Strategies 4: Text Conventions
  • Comprehension Strategies 5: Fix Up Strategies
  • Comprehension Strategies 6: Creating Sensory Images
  • Comprehension Strategies 7: Activating Background Knowledge

As well as two Advanced comprehension modules:

  • Comprehension 1 (Advanced): Introduction to Inference
  • Comprehension 2 (Advanced): Knowledge Based Inference

The total of these individual modules would normally cost over $250 (inc GST) if you purchased each module individually with 30 day access.

By purchasing this bundle, you will receive 180 day access, along with a saving over the 30 day access price, for individual courses.