Comprehension Basics: Understanding how to teach comprehension strategies



The ability to lift the words from the page and understand them is the ultimate goal of reading. Whilst many teachers test a student’s comprehension abilities through questioning, very few actually teach strategies on how to do this with depth.

In this course you will learn to:

·define the meaning of comprehension and understand why it is the ultimate goal of reading

·understand the role comprehension plays in the multi-skilled process to read

·identify how teaching research based strategies to comprehend text with depth can boost achievement in all academic areas

·enhance lesson delivery through the use of improved pedagogical practices including direct instruction, cooperative learning and individualised learning

·use differentiation techniques to cater for the variety of needs within the reading classroom

·link the learning of comprehension strategies with techniques to improve student writing

·authentically assess students comprehension abilities and track class progress for future planning

Build your knowledge and gain the confidence to immediately begin teaching more effective and efficient lessons in the reading classroom. Watch your students excel!