Training 24/7 and AERO Research Project 2024-2025

Training 24/7 is collaborating with the Australian Education Research Organisation (AERO) to conduct a research project that examines how to improve online professional learning.

This page provides additional information about our company and the professional learning courses and activities that will be included in this research project.

Who we are and what we do

Training 24/7 is a professional learning organisation that has been built by teachers, for teachers.

Our focus on taking research to practice offers teachers a significant shortcut on learning and applying evidence informed practices in their classroom. We aim to do the heavy lifting on not only interpreting the educational research (and filtering out that which is not of high quality), but then finding highly practical ways to make it easy to understand and useful to teachers in such a way that you can ‘learn today, employ tomorrow’ in your classroom.

Our online training platform provides flexibility in how training can be delivered with the hope of making our training accessible to teachers and schools across the country, with unique features that help guide and lead PL across your school, helping to develop that needed consistency throughout all years of primary school.

Besides our online training, we also offer full-length demonstration lessons showing the research in action, and more often than not, in classrooms where we have never met the children, across a broad range of locations, and socioeconomic circumstances.

We are proudly a 100% Australian owned and managed company, where almost everyone who works here is indeed, a qualified and highly experienced teacher. Our educational consultants work in schools most days of the school term, across Australia, and sometimes, other parts of the globe!


About the training and services you will engage in

In our synthetic phonics course, you will learn about the synthetic phonics approach to reading instruction and how it can work in your classroom. You will learn how to plan and teach synthetic phonics lessons, as well as developing your own understanding of the reading research and how it can be applied in your classroom. You will also learn how to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of different students, and assess, record, and track student achievement. For NSW teachers, this course is also NESA accredited, and like all of our courses, is aligned to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

Our synthetic phonics course also includes a pack of over 1,000 classroom resources to help you put things you’ve learned straight into practice.

In our cognitive load theory courses, you will learn about how students learn, how you can make strategic decisions to help them retain information and how you can apply this in your classroom to make sure children solidify the learning as you help them to develop their schema.

In our live Q&A sessions, you will have the opportunity to ask questions in advance, or live, of any of our teaching team who are participating in these live sessions. Your questions do not have to specifically be about the training itself, rather, we are happy to answer teacher to teacher, on all things education, to the best of our ability. As we work across Australia, we are happy to answer questions about implementing the Australian Curriculum, as well as anything more state-specific (such as the NSW Syllabus).

In our EduKB (educational knowledgebase), you will have access to a database of questions and answered previously raised in past Q&As. These often include video snippets as appropriate, and links to research and/or modules that may help you learn more.