Training 24/7 provides face to face, online and self paced learning options to teachers across Australia.

Jo-Anne Dooner and Justin Caban are busily creating our online course catalogue at the moment. We will be offering self paced modules very soon, in addition to our face to face and online classes held so far in 2017.


Live Virtual Class

The Training 24/7 ‘Live Virtual Class’ (or ‘LVC’) allows participants from all around Australia to attend our classes, as they happen, using a computer and internet connection to join. You join the same class as those in the room, and are able to participate (ask questions, raise points, etc.), without the need to spend the time or money traveling to Sydney. We’ve put together some more information on the capability, and put together a short demonstration video to show you what the LVC is like.

Click on the link to learn more about the Training 24/7 Live Virtual Class, including seeing some of our videos showing just what it’s like to join an LVC.