Comprehension Bundle [8 modules, 90 day access]

$112.20 inc GST

All new comprehension bundle for 2019!

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This purchase is for 90 day(s) access to this training.


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With this new comprehension bundle for 2019, you will get access to:

Two introductory comprehension modules:

  • Comprehension 1: Introduction to Comprehension
  • Comprehension 2: Research to Practice

Along with six “Comprehension Strategies” modules:

  • Comprehension Strategies 1: Synthesising
  • Comprehension Strategies 2: Asking Questions
  • Comprehension Strategies 3: Determining Importance
  • Comprehension Strategies 4: Text Conventions
  • Comprehension Strategies 5: Fix Up Strategies
  • Comprehension Strategies 6: Creating Sensory Images

The total of these individual modules would normally cost $132 (inc GST) if you purchased each module individually with 30 day access.

By purchasing this bundle, you will receive 90 day access, and a 15% saving over the 30 day access price for individual courses.